2006 Academic Year Second Semester Grades

2006 Highway Engineering II Extension

2006 Surveying II Extension

2006 Highway Engineering I Regular


CENG 3302- Highway Engineering I

Course Outline

Highway I course outline

Overview of the highway planning and development process

Chapter I.ppt

Chapter 1

Highway Route Surveys and Location


 Chapter II ppt

Geometric Design of Highways


Chapter III-A ppt

Chapter III-B ppt

Chapter III-C ppt

Chapter III-D ppt

Chapter III-E ppt

Assignment on Geometric Design of Highway

Tutorial I

Intersection and Interchanges

Chapter 4 Intersection & Interchanges

Chapter IV ppt

Earth work and quantities

Chapter V ppt

11 – Chapter-11

Highway Drainage

Chapter VI ppt

For further reference use ERA manual Drainage Section

Highway Engineering I mini project Highway mini project Topo Map Highway I PROJECT

Ceng 1802 -Surveying I

Lecture Note

Traverse Chapter 4- Traversing Principle

Assignment I  Surveying Assignment I

Submission date April 27, 2013 @ 3:00 PM

Assignment II Surveying I Assignment II

Submission date June 14, 2013 @ 8:30 AM

Surveying is the art of measuring distances, angles, and positions above, on or below the earth’s
surface. The relative positions of points are located by means of measuring distances, directions
and angles accurately with the help of various surveying instruments. Surveying also includes
the art of locating or setting out points on the ground from a plan or a map.

Reference books

Surveying(edn6)_Bannister & Raymond(1992)

Surveying (Edn5) – Kavanagh & Bird

Surveying, Chandra

Engineering Surveying, Scofield